Shoreham air disaster death toll 'likely to be 11'


The final death toll in the Shoreham air disaster is "increasingly likely" to be set at 11, police have said.

The removal of the 1950s Hawker Hunter fighter jet from the site in West Sussex where it crashed amid a fireball uncovered no further evidence of victims.

Four men have been named as among those killed, and two more have been identified as missing, following Saturday afternoon's disaster at the Shoreham Airshow.

In an update posted on YouTube, Sussex Police Assistant Chief Constable Steve Barry said it was now increasingly likely the final fatality figure will be set at 11. On Monday he had suggested the death toll could rise as high as 20.

West Sussex coroner Penny Schofield has warned that identifying the victims will be a "slow and painstaking operation".

Mr Barry said: "The latest is that the aircraft has now been removed from the crash site and I'm relieved to say that no further victims were found as a result of our examination of that particular part of the scene.

"So it is now 11 people that we are classifying as highly likely as being victims of the air crash, and it's becoming increasingly likely that that will be the final figure.

"We have to urge some caution though because we haven't completed our full forensic examination of the crash site which is very extensive and there is always the possibility that some family or friends have yet to contact the police with their concerns."