Passenger crash-lands plane in Spain

Woman crashlands plane in Spain after pilot collapses

A woman who had absolutely no flying experience was forced to crash-land a plane after her pilot husband lost consciousness during the flight in Spain.

According to CBS News, air traffic controllers spent 90 minutes talking her through the procedure before she attempted the landing on Saturday in Seville.

The plane had been travelling from the city of Trebujena and had been scheduled to land in Coria del Rio, a small town near Seville.

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The woman rang a pilot friend as soon as she saw her husband had lost consciousness, and he, in turn, alerted air traffic control.

A helicopter and another light aircraft were dispatched to help guide the woman to the airport, while an air traffic controller talked her through exactly what to do.

The Star Tribune reports that the controller asked the lady for the plane's altitude, which was 10,000ft, and told her what to look for on the plane's compass.

Recordings of the conversation were published by the Diario de Sevilla newspaper.

The Irish Times reports that the air traffic controller tells the woman: "The plane can fly without any problem. Don't worry the plane is not going to crash.

"Don't worry, you are going to land without any problem."

A spokeswoman for the Spanish air traffic controllers union USCA said the woman was lucky because the controller who coached her knew exactly how to fly the type of plane she was in.

The woman eventually crash-landed in an orange grove two miles short of the runway at Seville's airport.

She is currently in hospital after suffering "multiple injuries", which are not thought to be life-threatening.

Her husband unfortunately died, but it is not clear whether this happened before or after landing.

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