Car flips over on busy road in Cardiff city centre

John Frazer Photography

A driver was lucky to walk away unharmed after their car overturned on a busy road in the middle of Cardiff.

The Audi A3 managed to end up on its roof whilst travelling along City Road, a popular student and restaurant spot in the capital. Luckily, it is out of term time so the streets are quieter than they would be post-September. Had they been busier, the outcome of this accident could have been much worse.
The incident happened at around 10pm, with a spokesman telling The Mirror: "The 21-year-old male driver from the Birmingham area was unhurt."

The road was closed for 30 minutes in order for recovery services to remove the vehicle and make the area safe once more.

The road has a 30mph speed limit, though reports are as yet unclear as to the speed of the driver involved.

Just the Audi was involved in the accident, with no other cars involved in the crash. Incredibly, there was no property damage either, with the car coming to a stop just outside Baghdad Market, a local shop.

As the picture shows, the impact was quite hard as the front end of the Audi has completely come off and there is debris surrounding it.

Just two years ago a similar accident occurred, with a car flipping over and landing on its roof on nearby Cathedral Road. Other cars were involved in this accident however, and drivers suffered minor injuries.
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