How to sell your clothes online

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Changing fashions, changing body sizes and garments that were just simply a bad idea in the first place mean that most of us have clothes we don't want – but which might appeal to somebody else. There is a hugely busy clothing section on eBay, with modern and vintage clothing both well represented. It's also worth looking at and Asos Marketplace for two – quite different – alternatives to the big E.

Selling on eBay
From wedding dresses to baby clothes, eBay is popular with people wanting to buy and sell used clothes. Before you post, it's a good idea to find out what similar clothing items have sold for and whether it's worth setting a price or starting bids at 99p. Once your item sells, you'll have to pay a final value fee of 10% of the final price, but a basic listing is free if you start the bidding at 99p. Think about what people will be searching on and use those keywords in your listing. Take your time to take and upload decent images and be honest about any damage, showing it in the photos wherever possible.

Asos marketplace
For more niche, designer, vintage or expensive items, it's worth checking out Asos marketplace which attracts fashion conscious buyers. For 10% commission from the final sale, the site will promote the item for three months. However, you have to put a bit of effort in with the photos. The site only accepts photographs modelled by a person and taken in natural light. While the site allows you to set a fixed price, buyers are able to make an offer on items too.

Specialist sites
If you have a wedding dress, you could try a specialist site like This
site offers three ad period options: £10 for six months - ideal for those who are selling current, well known and sought after dress model/style numbers, or those sellers who have priced their dress very reasonably. Alternatively, you can pay £15 for 12 months or £20 for 24 months, which can be a good idea for those whose dress is not from a recent collection, or if you don't know the name of the designer, your dress was bespoke or is particularly unusual in style, or in a petite size.

Local websites
Websites like Gumtree and Preloved provide classified ads online, allowing buyers to search by area as well as item. Once again, you'll need to think carefully about the keywords you include in your advert.

Sell locally
Many towns have a nearly new clothing store. Just like big-name high street shops, these second-hand clothes stores usually prefer to stock items aimed at the coming season - coats and jackets in autumn, summer dresses in spring, etc. Most will take a commission of 20 per cent or more but will generally display clothes for three to six months. Give them a call to find out what they're looking for.

Vintage stores
Vintage clothing stores are a good idea if you have items that are more than 20 years old. Vintage gear is hugely popular and more stores are opening up. Contact your local one to see how much you could make.

Car boot sales
You may not be able to charge premium prices, but car boot pitches tend to be cheap (around £10) and there's no commission to pay. If you're selling a lot of stuff, all those pound coins can quickly add up. Take care with hagglers - it can be tempting to let things go for next to nothing just so you don't have to take it all home again. Decide on a minimum price for items at the start, and stick to it.
It may not be a rags to riches option, but if you just want to clear some space, you could bag up clothes and make money by sending them off to a recylcing site. For example, Musicmagpie prices garments according to size, brand and type. You'll be given your price online, and can then send it in for free. Other sites charge by the kilogram. Both Clothes For Cash and Return To Earn pay 60p per kilo, and will send out a collection pack and pick up your items free of charge. Both will pay you direct either via PayPal or by cheque. They won't, however, take damaged, stained or faded items so do check the website before you bag up your belongings.

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