Revealed: Myths about flight upgrades

The worst thing about flying? It's uncomfortable, right? Which is why not a single one of us would ever turn down the offer of a flight upgrade.

In fact, so keen are we to try to get that extra leg room and free champagne, that one in six British travellers admit to lying to get a flight upgrade, according to one recent survey.

There are certain things you really shouldn't do when trying to get an upgrade (and yes, lying is one of them). But there are also certain things you can do to boost your chances. So which tricks of the trade when trying to get bumped up a class?

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Experts at Expedia have recently revealed the truth about airline upgrades, dispelling a few myths along the way. Take this true or false quiz to see if you'd make the grade.

1) Asking for an upgrade at the check-in desk works
Nope. This is actually very unlikely to work as most airlines will decide any seat changes the day before the flight. What will help you is being a member of the airline's frequent flyer programmes.

2) Dressing smartly will bag you a better seat
Sadly not. A snazzy suitcase and designer suit will make you look like a world-class flyer but it's not likely to help you get a better seat.

3) Signing up to the airline's frequent flier programme will help.
True. And trying and use the same airlines regularly so you build up as many points as possible

4) Asking for an upgrade at the boarding gate gives you a good chance
False. Bearing in mind that you're unlikely to get an upgrade on check in, you're even less likely to nab one at the boarding gate, by which point it'll be far too late. One saving grace is that some airlines sell discounted upgrades at the gate so you might be lucky enough to bag a premium seat for less.

4) Making conversation and smiling is key
False. Being friendly will definitely score you personality points but it's not likely to get you a better seat.

5.)Celebs, journalists and VIPs are likely to be seen as a priority.
Sad but true, according to Expedia researchers.

6) Telling everyone you're newlyweds on your honeymoon is a sure-fire way to the best seats.
False. his myth is so widespread that airline staff are likely to be pretty dubious of your lovey dovey claims. It's likely they've heard it several times before and maybe even had a few people try it that day, so it's better not to mention your marital bliss and keep your dignity.

7) Make friends in high places.
Having friends who work for airlines and who have authority to ask for a flight upgrade definitely helps. So get networking.

Do you have tips on getting a free flight upgrade? Let us know in the comments below.

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