Driver Harry Clarke refuses to answer bin lorry crash inquiry questions


The driver of the bin lorry that crashed in Glasgow killing six people has refused to answer a series of questions at the fatal accident inquiry into the tragedy.

Harry Clarke, 58, began giving evidence at Glasgow Sheriff Court after a motion from his lawyer to have the inquiry halted was refused by the sheriff hearing the case.

But, after taking the oath, Mr Clarke was told repeatedly by Sheriff John Beckett QC that he did not have to answer any questions which might incriminate him.

While Mr Clarke did respond to some questions put to him by Solicitor General Lesley Thomson, the QC leading the inquiry, he refused to answer almost all of the questions she asked him in the early stages of his evidence - including about the day of the crash itself.

"I don't want to answer that," Mr Clarke replied in response to a variety of questions put to him on topics such as his employment, medical and family history.

During his evidence, the questions moved to the bin lorry crash and Ms Thomson said: "Do you know that six people died on December 22?''

Mr Clarke replied: "I don't want to answer that question."

Ms Thomson said: "The families have been in court every day to hear answers, do you know that?''

The warning from the sheriff was given because the driver could still face a private prosecution brought by the family of one of the victims - a situation which entitles him not to answer certain questions put to him, if he so chooses.