'Creepy' photo of Princess Diana with Kate and baby Charlotte goes viral

Photoshopped picture used image of Diana from 1997

Creepy Princess Diana Photoshopped Pic with Princess Charlotte Goes Viral
A photo of Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte at the baby's christening has gone viral - after Princess Diana was included with a bit of help from Photoshop.

The photo has been shared 260,000 times on Facebook, and while some on social media think its sweet, others think it's a bit creepy.

It shows Kate carrying her daughter into the service at St Magdalene Church in Sandringham in July - with Diana bending down, hands clasped together looking at Kate's little bundle of joy.

The image of Diana was taken from a picture of her with Mother Teresa in 1997, just two months before her tragic death, when she was killed in a car crash in Paris.

In the original image, the Princess of Wales can be seen bowing to Mother Teresa, after the two met briefly at the Missionaries of Charity's residence in the Bronx section of New York.

While it is unclear who created the image, it was shared by Mary Kohnke, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with the caption: "What a great job at photoshopping ... Let's make this go viral!".

Mixed reaction

The image has generated almost 32,000 likes and received over 2,500 comments since it posted on August 4, the Daily Mail reports.

The comments on the image, include: "Oh how I wish this were real", "this is a lovely sentiment. miss our Princess Diana" and "wow! it gives me goose bumps!!".

Others, however, felt the picture was disturbing to say the least. One Facebook user said: "Loved Diana but this is creepy. Sorry."

Another blasted: "Why would you EVER think it's cool or sweet to photoshop a picture of a man's dead mother onto a picture of his wife and child?"