Too close for comfort! Watch as rally car almost ploughs into crowd

Watch as rally car almost slides into crowd of spectators

This mobile phone-captured movie shows the moment a rally driver come perilously close to ploughing into a crowd of spectators.

As the driver approaches a corner, he runs far too wide and begins sliding out of control towards the crowd full of families.
The slow-motion footage shows the incredible reactions of the crowd, who disperse just in time to avoid the out of control rally car.

The driver attempts to control the car, but the wet grass makes it almost impossible to stop the speeding car.

Luckily, the car misses the spectators, with one father dragging his son out of the path moments before it flies past.

As it slows, the driver is able to regain control and drives between two men, with another tumbling to the ground.

Incredibly, no one was hurt, but it does highlight the dangers involved with rally events for both drivers and spectators.

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