Would you sleep in a taxi? New York's new budget accommodation

panning shot of a nyc taxi cab...
panning shot of a nyc taxi cab...

Tourists Sleep in New York Taxi Cabs to Avoid Pricey Hotels
Tourists Sleep in New York Taxi Cabs to Avoid Pricey Hotels

New York City isn't known for its budget accommodation - but tourists are now being offered an unusual way to bed down for the night - with top-class views - for a mere $39 (£27) per night.

American entrepreneur Jonathan Powley came up with the idea of renting out vehicles for the night when his van broke down on the side of the road one evening. He is now offering the chance to book into one of the city's famous yellow taxis for a kip, via airbnb.

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Jonathan's "rolling rooms" service also includes three vans and two campers. The vehicles have been converted to accommodate a large bed and a fan (but not much else), and are parked in the Long Island City neighbourhood of Queens, just across the East River from Manhattan.

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"I think it's just an adventure, " he says. "No one has ever done it before. It's different. It's safe. You have a view of beautiful Manhattan right here. And it's convenient. You are only one stop from Grand Central Station. You are only three stops from Times Square. And I think the people that do it are just the type that want to try something different. It's really fun. It's really comfortable. And not many people can say that they purposely slept in a taxi," says Powley.

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This unique accommodation has already attracted plenty of attention from tourists (there have been more than 350 rentals and counting).

The only catch is: where's the loo?

"That's the number one question," says Powley. 'Where do I go to the bathroom? So I've made a list of all the local restaurants in the area that allow my guests at least to use the bathroom."

Johnathan adds that after the restaurants close, a few late night bars also allow his guests to use their bathrooms.

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