World's worst U-turn captured on film in China

We're all guilty of occasionally making a few less than exemplary driving decisions.

However, this driver in Kumning, China, has committed what must be one of the most dangerous U-turns of all time.
The footage, captured on a security camera, shows the horrifying moment a black SUV streaks straight into oncoming traffic and smashes into the rear of a white minivan, sending it spinning. The SUV then turns and drives straight over a bicycle, with its bemused owner left standing right next to the remains of his bike.

The SUV then disappears from camera view, leaving a trail of destruction behind it. The traffic remains stationary for a moment, as drivers attempt to understand the nature of the event that just occurred.

Incredibly, it seems that no one was injured following the incident. The road is left strewn with parts that flew off the car involved in the initial impact.
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