Mysterious 'Lancaster bomber' plane spotted flying over Derbyshire

mystery plane spotted flying in derbyshire
mystery plane spotted flying in derbyshire

A mysterious plane similar to a World War Two bomber has been spotted flying over Derbyshire by several witnesses.

The Derby Telegraph says that a number of people have been in contact to report the unexplained sighting of a plane flying 'extremely low'.

The large prop-driven plane has been described by some as looking very similar to a Lancaster bomber (pictured above).

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Witness Richard Jephson, the first to report the sighting, says he was left 'speechless' by the incident.

Speaking in the Lincolnshire Echo, he said "... the plane was so low that you could touch it - but it was completely silent.

"it was flying so low that it looked like it was about to crash.'

He said he and his wife braced themselves but nothing happened.

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Two other witnesses have reported seeing a plane flying low across the county at around the same time. One, who was on the A52 from Derby, said the plane had camouflage and an antenna.

There are no reports of an air display or scheduled flypast at the time. One theory that the 'phantom plane' was in fact a helicopter was dismissed by witnesses.

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The area has been subject to several sightings of mysterious planes in the area, with some unexplained sightings of similar 'silent' planes flying low in the sky.

In May, a low-flying Russian spy plane was spotted in Lancashire, just miles from a NATO monitoring station. It was since discovered that the plane had been given permission by British authorities to fly in the area.

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