Incredible moment passers-by lift taxi off woman

In an incredible display of cooperation, this video shows the remarkable moment when 30 passers-by worked together to help a woman who was trapped underneath a taxi in London this week.

Working as one, they lift up the taxi so that the woman could receive paramedic attention.
On her lunch break, the woman was knocked down by the taxi and pinned underneath.

The remarkable feat came as a result of paramedics being unable to release the woman from underneath the car. Eyewitness Laura Farnes told the Daily Mail how "she looked like she was in her late twenties and she was really blue and blinking. She was sort of semi-conscious, but I could tell she was still alive".

Ms Farnes went on to tell the Daily Mail how "she wasn't making much noise. She seemed like she was in a lot of shock, but she was awake and talking".

Once the car was removed, the woman was hospitalised and treated for soft tissue damage.

Video Credit - The Guardian

Author - Jack Evans
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