Ten holiday homes with amazing pools around the world

Holiday rentals with amazing pools
Holiday rentals with amazing pools

These days, a holiday home isn't a holiday home unless it boasts a drop-dead gorgeous swimming pool to loll around by. After all, nothing says luxury quite like your own personal glittering infinity pool.

High-end holiday villas and rental properties go all-out to lure big spenders, offering increasingly lavish pools to that are guaranteed to make you drool. These are the stuff from which dream holidays are made, so we couldn't resist getting together with Tripadvisor to find the top-rated luxurious rental properties around the world with the best pools. But don't hold your breath for an equally appealing price tag - because most of these holiday villas come with an eye-watering bill.

For around £11,000, for example, you could spend a few days in a beautiful villa in the town of Positano on the Italian coast. Built in to the steep hillside where you'll find a gorgeous pool which also boasts panoramic views of the Mediterranean, the villa La Scogliera is a joy to behold, whether you're splashing around in the pool or taking in the ridiculously marvelous views.

Does that whet your appetite? Check out our slideshow below to see more of the awe-inspiring properties on offer.

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