Guy Martin lands himself another injury

Guy Martin lands himself another injury at Dundrod 150

This isn't the first time British motorcycle star and the Isle of Man TT legend Guy Martin hasn't landed on two feet, but it was a heart-racing moment to see him thrown from his bike during the Dundrod 150 race last week.

Battling with rival Brice Anstey on the final lap of the race, Martin was leading the Ulster 150 Superbike GP when he lost control of his Tyco BMW.
Martin was thrown from the bike on the Ireland's Corner of the Co Antrim circuit, although his team initially reported on Twitter: "Guy is banged about a bit but nothing broken."

However, according to a tweet by Martin's sister, the English rider is likely to need back surgery. Motorcycle News has since reported that he has suffered a broken sternum, vertebra and ribs.

Watch the moment Martin loses control here in the video below.

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