Is this the world's first unstealable bike?

Chilean Students Develop "Theft-Proof" Bicycle

A group of Chilean students may well have invented the answer to bicycle theft the world over.

Bike theft is an all too common problem in big cities and just last year in London nearly 100,000 bikes were stolen.

The Chilean capital of Santiago is no anomaly - this is what inspired these three students to make a difference.

Cristóbal Cabello, 22, Andrés Roi Eggers, 23 and Juan José Monsalve, 24 are the bright-minded students behind the novel idea.

Yerka Bikes unstealable bike

The Yerka Project introduces a novel way of locking up your bike. The lower part of the bike can be opened into two bars. Thse can then, in turn, be connected around a lampost, tree or fence using the pole from the saddle - which can be removed.

What makes this mechanism different to any other is that an opportune thief would have to saw through the pole with the seat connected to steal the bike, making it unusable.

The bikes are made from a combination of aluminium and high tensile steel with four different size available.

One of the students says: "Security is its raison d'etre, but we also wanted to make it comfortable, a traditional bike design. We didn't want users to have to carry around a heavy lock either and our technology can be adapted for any kind of bike."

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