Cilla Black leaves incredible multi-million pound property portfolio

Sarah Coles
Private view of 'Modern Muses' exhibition by Bryan Adams - London
Private view of 'Modern Muses' exhibition by Bryan Adams - London

Cilla Black tragically passed away at her home in Spain on Saturday at the age of 72. She leaves an incredible music and entertainment legacy to millions of us, but she also leaves a property portfolio befitting an entertainment legend. Her fortune has been estimated at anything from £15 million to £35 million, and it's clear that among her best investments were the many homes she had around the world.


Her beautiful Spanish villa is in Estepona in the south of Spain, just west of Marbella. It's not an enormous mansion, but has four en-suite bedrooms, as well as a pool.

She bought the villa with her husband Bobby, and in recent years liked to spend part of the summer here - often visited by her celebrity friends. The property is in a quiet cul-de-sac, so was somewhere she could live anonymously. The property is worth almost £2 million.

The family home
The family home is in a village called Denham in Buckinghamshire, which she bought with husband Bobby in 1970. The ten-bedroom house was the idea place to bring up her three boys - with an indoor pool and a tennis court to keep them occupied. It's thought to be worth around £5 million now.

Neighbours said that while the boys were growing up, she was a regular face in the village, and was often seen pottering in the garden. However, they told the local paper that she didn't spend much time in the house in her later years, and they hadn't seen her there in years.
A London pad

Cilla was interviewed in her St James' Penthouse in 2010, when it was described as being "Like Claridge's on a smaller scale." The flat is thought to be worth around £2 million now, and is home to some of the gems in her art collection, including a Salvador Dali sketch.

She used to use it as an office, and planned to sell it after her husband died, but found herself visiting regularly when she was in London seeing friends like Christopher Biggins and Paul O'Grady.


Famously, Cilla loved to spend time in Barbados, where she told the Telegraph that she found a hotel, and had it converted into 14 sumptuous flats. She kept the penthouse for herself. She told the newspaper that she loved celebrating her birthday there, and would bump into an array of celebrities whenever she visited. Cliff Richard was a neighbour and says he used to be her chauffeur when she was staying, because she didn't drive.

She invited friends to stay, and instead of having a guest book, she would get them to leave the book they were reading while they were there - signed and dated. The property is thought to be worth almost £2 million. It's not known what the book collection is worth.

In total, she owned around £11 million worth of property at the time of her death. It's an impressive portfolio for a woman who grew up in a flat above a hairdresser's in Scotland Road in Liverpool. As for that property, it was demolished to make way for an industrial unit - which is set to be demolished again to become part of a supermarket car park.

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Cilla Black Dies at 72: Tributes Pour in for Ex-Singer and TV Star
Cilla Black Dies at 72: Tributes Pour in for Ex-Singer and TV Star