Video: This lot really shine in solar-powered racing!


FAR from being slow and uninteresting, these newly-developed solar-powered racing cars show the future of energy-efficient racing is certainly bright.

The Nuon solar team based in the Netherlands have presented this most recent car which they will be taking to the Australian Outback in October ready for the World Solar Challenge.
The challenge, which is the longest race in the world for solar vehicles, tests the very limits of what they can achieve.

The Nuna8 is the team's latest incarnation of their racing car which began life back in 2001. Since then, the Nuon team has continued to increase the range and capabilities of their creations.

They won the World Solar Challenge in 2013 with their Nuna7 car, covering the distance from Darwin to Adelaide at an average speed of just over 55mph.

Team Nuon is made up of 15 students all from the Delft University of Techology.