Hiker's stand off with terrifying mountain lion (video)

Hiker's Scary Standoff With a Mountain Lion

Most people will go their entire lives without seeing a mountain lion, and those who do will most likely see them behind bars in a zoo enclosure.

But Trevor Rasmussen was a lot more exposed when he bumped into one of the big cats while hiking in Montana.

The footage shows Rasmussen just moments after he's spotted one of the wild cats within spitting distance on the path ahead of him.

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Rasmussen says: "I'm hiking on the trail and there's a mountain lion right there, probably 50 feet away from me."

It's at that moment the lion decides to up and leave causing Rasmussen to shout out in fear and try to get the lion to back off.

Fortunately it seems this big kitty isn't keen on getting to know the hiker better and in fact just fancies a change of scenery.

The lion strolls into the bracken below the path before stopping again, adjacent to Rasmussen this time.

After appearing to consider his options, the haughty feline stalks off into the woodland leaving the hiker to finish the trail by himself.

These powerful cats, which are also known as pumas and cougars, generally prey on deer but have also been known to eat coyotes and porcupines.

According to National Geographic, the animals need a lot of space for themselves, with only a few cats surviving in a 30 square mile area. Meaning that it's likely that this guy was on his own, luckily for Rasmussen.

Rasmussen can be heard saying: "I'm not going to lie that scared me because he was right on that trail and he was crouched down."

Adding: "He looked like he was in stalk mode."

​Luckily for him, this ferocious feline wasn't in the mood for lunch!

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Hiker's stand off with terrifying mountain lion (video)

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