Dad locked in battle with local council over fake speed camera

Chris Fawcett
A FATHER has built a home-made speed camera to stop people driving too fast along a shortcut to the world-famous Stonehenge monument in Wiltshire.

Chris Fawcett is now in a battle with his local council over the right to put up a fake camera in the village of Shrewton.Those living in the village have said that local traffic got worse two years ago when a redesign of the Stonehenge visitor centre saw a key road closed. Sat-navs started redirecting drivers through the area, which is governed by a speed limit of 30mph.

Before the current fake camera was erected, Mr Fawcett had one made of wood that was burnt down by a vandal and took a second one down after threats of legal action from Wiltshire council.

The 50-year-old didn't stop there, though, and has now made another structure. His latest creation, a steel box, does contain a video camera, although the camera cannot judge a car's speed.

It also contains a mirror that reflects headlights, making it look like the camera is flashing, whether the vehicle approaching it is speeding or not.

Attached to a neighbour's tree, it's thought the latest camera is going to be harder for the council to object to than his previous efforts.

Mr Fawcett told the Daily Mail his camera was playing an extremely important role in controlling the flow of traffic through Shrewton, adding: ''These little village roads are terrible for speeding now. And the volume of traffic nowadays is horrendous.

''It is a service for the village and I believe it is time to step up and do something.''

Jane Hassett of the Stonehenge traffic action group has backed the replica speed camera, saying: "It might make a difference.''
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