Where is the best beach in the Caribbean?

Grace Bay Beach.

Think of the Caribbean and the first image that comes to mind is an idyllic beach, complete with palm trees, pristine white sand and turquoise sea.

But when all the beaches are this good, how are you supposed to know which are the best?

Almost every island in the area has at least one incredible beach (and most have several). But for the cream of the crop, should you head to the Cayman Islands or Cuba, Providenciales or Puerto Rico?

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With the help of Tripadvisor'sTraveller's Choice awards, we've put together a list of the best beaches in the whole of the Caribbean.

Caribbean sea

The Turks and Caicos islands topped this year's list with Grace Bay on Providenciales taking the number one spot. The area is known for its world class diving waters with miles of coral reef for visitors to explore. Apart from its 'perfect' white sand ad 'stunning' crystal clear sea, things that make this beach extra special are its size - it stretches for glorious five miles and plethora of beautiful sea shells. "The pictures don't do it justice" says one reviewer, which is praise indeed as the photos are enough to swoon over.

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Coming in second for 2015 is Playa Paraiso on Cuba. With a name that translates as 'Paradise Beach' it's no surprise that this white sand beach, which boasts some of the island's calmest waters, ranks so highly.

Want to know which beaches made it into the list of the Caribbean's top ten? Take a look at our slideshow below.

Best beaches in the Caribbean
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Where is the best beach in the Caribbean?
Did you know? Providenciales is famous for its world class diving with miles and miles of spectacular coral reefs to explore. 
Did you know? Playa Paraiso translates as 'Paradise Beach' which isn't surprising given the beauty of this white sand beach which boasts some of the calmest waters in Cuba. 
The area around Flamenco Beach was used for US Navy and Marine exercises until the late 1970s and relics from that time, including tanks, can still be seen dotted across the beach.
Did you know? Hundreds of turtles nest all over Aruba each year but Eagle Beach is the most popular. The beach is covered with red and white markers to protect the nests during hatching season. 
Varadero beach is found on the Hicacos Peninsula, a spit of land which extends from the northern side of Cuba and is only 1.2km wide at its widest point.
The giant granite boulders on the beach at The Baths are evidence of the island's volcanic origins. The unusual formation forms grottos that open onto the sea.
Did you know? Despite its name, the beach is actually only around 6.3 miles long. The annual erosion that hits the beach may be the reason it's not as long as its name states. 
The Punta Cana area has beaches that face both the Caribbean and the Atlantic and the name Punta Cana literally means 'tip of the white cane palms'.
This beach not as long as it claims. The Jamaican beach is actually only four miles long.
Did you know? Even though Cruze Bay is the main town on St. John it has a population of less than 3,000 people. Maho Bay is home to some of the calmest waters on the island and is the perfect place to teach children to swim. 

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