Good Samaritan stops man from jumping into path of oncoming train

Good Samaritan stops man from jumping into path of oncoming train

A kindhearted man stopped a drunk passenger from getting on to train tracks in front of an oncoming train in New Zealand.

The inebriated man appeared to be having an argument with another passenger on the other side of the train tracks.

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One of them is heard saying:"We can sort this out, there's no need for violence."

The 'drunk' man apparently seems to disagree and makes a move to get on the tracks and get to the other side.

His friend, however, has other ideas and pulls him back before pinning him to the ground, saying: "You're not going mate, stay down. Stay down."

The video was uploaded to LiveLeak, along with the caption: "Waiting for a train at Mitcham station last night, saw this incredibly drunk guy wobbling on the edge of the platform shouting at another guy on the other side.

"Beanie guy stepped in to prevent a new Darwin Award winner achieving his full potential.

"No way would he have made it across the tracks and onto the far platform in 15 seconds in the state he was in."

The man does not immediately seem too grateful, appearing to kick his saviour as the footage - shot in Mitcham Station, Canterbury, in New Zealand - comes to an end.

Users on LiveLeak commented on the situation, with one writing: "Saving that man also put himself in a possible dangerous situation."

Another said: "Drunks are the most annoying people on the planet. If I had just saved someone's life and they showed their thanks by kicking and trying to fight me I'd probably help him onto the tracks next time."

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