Video: Watch Tom Cruise destroy BMW M3 whilst fIlming

Mission Impossible car chase

Tom Cruise is an actor known for doing all his own stunts, and that includes the driving scenes that will appear in the latest Mission Impossible film.
In this video, Mr Cruise can be seen driving a BMW M3 like he stole it, with co-star Simon Pegg sat in the passenger seat and looking absolutely petrified.

Cruise drives the car down a series of steep steps in this clip and through tight alleyways at serious speeds as well as crashing through vegetable carts.

"I have never driven around such narrow alleys so fast," Pegg is reported to have said when asked about Tom's driving.

As well as driving like a maniac, Cruise has also hung out of the side of a plane at 40,000 feet to show that he really is fearless when in front of camera.

Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation is in cinemas from July 31.

Author: Harry Boucher
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