You can't beat a good roast

Roast dinner (or lunch, depending on which part of the country you're from) is at the very heart of British cooking. It's a great meal for family and friends and can be a simple or a sophisticated dish – the most elaborate version probably being Christmas dinner.

Beef is popular – whether you're busting the budget with a roast sirloin or feeding the five thousand with an inexpensive cut such as brisket. Those who don't fancy beef can go for chicken, lamb and pork or a non-meat version. But if you want to keep it traditional, you're going to need Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes and gravy too.

More roast meats:
Roast rib of beef (try this for Christmas)
Roast lamb with wine and juniper
Slow-cooked lamb shoulder with root veg
Stuffed pork loin roast
Simple roast pork

Chicken and duck:
Roast chicken with sage and onion
Roast chicken with herbs and garlic
Lemony chicken with courgettes
Roast chicken with spiced roots
Stuffed roast chicken
Slow-roast duck

Side dishes and accompaniments:
Perfect roast potatoes
Yorkshire pudding
Caramel roasted vegetables
Balsamic roasted beetroot
Roast sweet potatoes

Non-meat alternatives:
Slow-roasted salmon
Creamy stuffed roast peppers with mixed grains
Easy mixed nut roast
Roast tomatoes on the vine

Don't forget the gravy
Some gravy fans rate it above the roast meat, so you don't need to bother with a joint if you don't want to, just have sausages with Yorkshire puddings and gravy instead.

And finally, if you're having a party and need a canapé that wins over almost everyone, the roast can be miniaturised - try these delicious mini roast beef Yorkshire puddings.

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