Show off driver gets comeuppance as bonnet smashes windscreen

Honda video
Facebook / Joe Garcia

We've all been overtaken by yobs who wheelspin their way down the road in a cloud of tyre smoke and noise. But this young man might think again before racing along the road in his ludicrously powerful machine after the bonnet flew open as he accelerated, destroying his windscreen and leaving a pretty serious dent in the roof of his pride and joy.
Had he driven like a normal human being before this moment, we might have felt sorry for him, but with the goon terrorising the streets with a wall of noise as laddish exuberance and goading another motorist into a race, this really should teach him a lesson about how not to drive on public roads.

Flattening the throttle yet again, the front of the car lifts up and a second later the bonnet is flung against the windscreen, whamming into the front edge of the roof. Whether the bonnet was not closed properly or if there was a fault with the catch, we don't know, but you'd hope the driver might reassess his driving after this incident.

Watch for yourself in the video below.

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