Video: Nine-second clip shows why rallying is so exciting

Dramatic rally video

When it comes to dramatic motorsports, rallying has to be up there with the best, with spectators being mere feet away from the action.
In this video, fans could be just a little too close to the action, being peppered with a wall of stones as cars pass, stood as they are just a few feet from the highly tuned – and practically airborne – machinery.

In this clip rally pro Jari-Matti Latvala throws his overpowered Polo along a tight course in the last round of the WRC championship in Poland, flying over a dusty crest.

And this is all before the sport introduces new rules in 2017 aimed at making it even more exciting. Come 2017 fans can expect more power, larger, wider bodies with added wing, slashed weight and buckets full of extra drama.

We think that should do the trick. Not that rallying really needs to be livened up, as the clip below proves.

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