Video: Ferrari owner blasts to 212mph on the autobahn

Ferrari 488GTB

If you think you can't get the most from a supercar on the road, think again. Provided you have access to Germany's high-speed derestricted autobahns, that is.
Answering claims from sensible car buyers that you can't use a supercar on the public road, the owner of this Ferrari 488GTB hits an official top speed-busting 212mph on the autobahn.

Despite the car's claimed top speed standing at simply "more than 330kph" (205mph), the speedo of this 660bhp twin-turbocharged V8 machine keeps rising beyond the 340kph (212mph) mark.

Though Ferrari purists may mourn the demise of the turbo-free 458, which the 488GTB has just replaced, the new car offers nearly 50 per cent more pulling power, which sees it effortlessly smash past the 200mph mark.

This power means that not only can the 488GTB reach seriously fast speeds, but it also takes barely any time getting there, requiring a scant 8.3 seconds to launch from a standstill to 124mph.

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