Skoda creates doggy seatbelt

Skoda dog seatbelt

Brits are known for being a nation of animal lovers and for dog owners who can't bear the thought of packing their pooch in the boot, Skoda has come to the rescue with a canine seatbelt.
This accessory attaches to the standard seat belt and secures prized pets in place, to avoid them being flung around the cabin during fast acceleration, heavy braking or sharp cornering. The Dog Safety Belt, which now features on the Skoda Genuine Accessories catalogue, helps to prevent dogs from being thrown forward in the event of a crash, which could injure the animal and potentially those in the front seats.

More than this, pet owners have the choice of everything from small to extra large belts to cater for all sizes of dog. Owners can also use these belts alongside a standard dog lead when walking or training, to give a strong, comfortable grip on the pooch.

Another option for motorists who regularly carry their dog in the back seats is waterproof Backseat Protection, which hangs over the upholstery to keep it free from furry friends' hair and any stains. A boot divider is also available for estate models, allowing users to make space for their pet while keeping enough room for their luggage.

A raft of rubber and plastic boots mats are on offer too, to keep soggy doggies from soaking the boot carpet, while buyers can also opt for a double sided carpet and waterproof boot floor to cater for both canine and non-canine loads.
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