England's quirkiest and most bizarre annual events

World Egg Throwing Championships
World Egg Throwing Championships

Brits are perhaps best known for drinking tea, eating fish and chips and being really rather good at queuing... among other things of course! But we have plenty more long-standing traditions and events in the UK - and some of them are pretty unusual.

Did you know there are a whole host of competitions that take place around the country each year that involve some of the most bizarre traditions in the world?

For example, head to Lancashire this August and you'll have the chance to take part in the annual World Gravy Wrestling Championships... yes, really! It's been going since 2007 and is now so popular that the event is screened across the world.

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Or you could make your way to Gloucestershire to take part in the famous annual cheese rolling event at Cooper's Hill. This surreal event sees hundreds of people throw themselves down a hill after a 'wheel' of Double Gloucester cheese. Of course this inevitably ends up with competitors running, rolling and somersaulting down the steep hill all in the name of fun.

If you fancy something a little more laidback, why not try your hand at the World Hen Racing Championships in Derbyshire. The event sees the feathered critters racing down the 10-metre track, under strict world championship regulations of course.

With help from VisitEngland we've put together a list of some of the weirdest and most wonderful events around the country, so take a look at our slideshow below to find out more.

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