Video: Bikers battle for position in dramatic high speed feud

Guy Martin and Michael Dunlop motorbike battle

If you're unimpressed with the sanitised machines that tear – quietly – around F1 tracks the world over then seeing the skills of top-rung bikers reaching speeds of up to 190mph on the road, while jostling elbow to elbow, should grab your attention.
Being a biker normally takes a certain type of bravery, but battling it out at just short of 200mph while astride a bucking screaming two-wheeler – as Guy Martin and Michael Dunlop do in this clip form the Ulster Grand Prix – really is something special.

This clip may date back to 2012, but with Formula One becoming ever more predictable, we think that turning your allegiance from four to two-wheel racing could add another dimension to the onscreen motoring drama. Thank the near certain death should the superbike riders make a mistake and topple off their machines while blasting around the circuit at not far short of three times the motorway speed limit.

Despite leading the race for the first four laps, Guy Martin was caught by Dunlop around the 7.4-mile long circuit in Northern Ireland, with the pair swapping positions numerous times before Dunlop missed his braking point coming sliding off the road.

Sound impressive? Watch the video below to see the action for yourself.

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