Hitch-hiking bridesmaids turn to social media to thank mystery driver

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Hitch-Hiking Bridesmaids Turn to Social Media to Thank Mystery Driver
A new bride turned to social media to thank a stranger for taking care of the 'something borrowed' part of her wedding.

After the taxi driving Bethany Mouatt's three bridesmaids and mother broke down, the women turned to hitch-hiking, and 'borrowed' a ride from a stranger to make it to the chapel on time.

They didn't get a chance to thank the mystery driver and have now turned to turned to social media.

The woman, known only as Bethan, was driving a black Ford car and came to the rescue on the A483 in Wrexham on Saturday.

The newlywed from Cefn-Y-Bedd near Wrexham said: "There had been a few dilemmas leading up to the wedding day, including the taxis booked for the bridesmaids turning up a little late.

"In a fluster, we all started our journey to the venue. I got in to my wedding car and was waving to the others as they passed.

"We got a little further up the road and all I could see was three of my bridesmaids and my mum standing at the side of the road and my heart just sank.

"I didn't have my phone with me and there was nothing I could do, so I spent the following 15 minutes panicking about what was going on not knowing what was about to unfold."

Facebook appeal goes viral

The taxi had broken down and the driver radioed through for a replacement but they were all booked due to Chester Races and the Llangollen Eisteddfod with the control room saying it would be 30 minutes before another one could reach them.

But quick-thinking bridesmaids, Sarah Worthington, Shelley Wragg, Emily Pearson and Bethany's mum, Barbara Unwin weren't prepared to wait and so began hitchhiking from the side of the busy carriageway.

Bethany posted her appeal on Facebook, which has since been shared more than 10,400 times, reports the Daily Mirror.