10 holiday destinations where your money goes further


If you're willing to take a bit of a risk with your summer holiday, then there are some astonishingly good deals available on holidays to Greece at the moment. Unfortunately, if you want to cash in, you have to brave the risk of cash shortages, strikes and potential business closures. The good news is that you don't have to take this kind of risk to get a great deal this summer.

A strong pound has all sorts of downsides, but for tourists it's a real bonus, because it suddenly becomes cheaper to go on holiday. Once you have paid for the flight, everything from the accommodation to food and drink and local attractions become strikingly cheaper.
The experts at Fair FX have compiled a list of the top ten places where your money will go further than this time last year - and they have only included those places where you don't have to spend more than five hours on the plane getting there.

1. Russia
Currency movements in Russia have been particularly dramatic, so you now get an astonishing 50% more for your money. Not all of Russia is easy to visit or get around. However, St Petersburg offers a brilliant combination of attractions and affordability.

2. Norway
Norway isn't known for being a huge bargain, but compared to last year there are some great savings to be made. For 12,584.7 Norwegian Kroner you would have had to pay £1,190 last year - whereas this year they'll cost you £1,000

3. Turkey
Turkey has always been a good destination for bargains, but the researchers found that you get 13% more for your money this year, so you stand to have an even cheaper break.

4. Hungary
Hungary us also 13% cheaper than this time last year. It was already an affordable place for a break (this year's Backpacker Index named Budapest as the 8th cheapest place in Europe for a low-budget stay), so this year you can expect a really cut-price holiday.

5. Poland
Poland is 13% cheaper too. Both Krakow and Warsaw made the Backpacker Index top ten this year, so a more favourable exchange rate should secure some brilliant bargains.

6. Sweden
Sweden is 12% cheaper than last year. This is definitely not a cheap place for a break. However, if you have been desperate to see Sweden, and were put off by the prices, the better exchange rate could be your opportunity to visit without breaking the bank.

7. Denmark
Denmark is 11% cheaper than last year. This is another expensive destination - especially if you plan to drink alcohol at any stage on your break. However, the high prices will make the better exchange rate particularly welcome.

8. Bulgaria
Bulgaria is 11% cheaper than this time last year. Sofia made it to number three in the Backpacker Index, so you can holiday on a shoestring.

9. Croatia
The Croatian Kuna is 10% cheaper this year, so that's a 10% discount on everything you buy on holiday. Zagreb only made it to 12th place on the Backpacker Index, so the savings will be very welcome.

10. Czech Republic
The Czech Republic is 10% cheaper than this time last year. The huge influx of tourists into Prague means it's not the cut-price destination it once was. However, it still makes it to 17th place on the Backpacker Index, so there are some bargains to be found.

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