Prince George's birthday marked with new £5 coin

£5 commemorative coin for Prince George

Prince George's second birthday on 22 July will be celebrated with the release of a commemorative coin. The £5 coins will depict St George and the dragon, and will set you back £80 each. They're a lovely way to commemorate the day, but they may not be the best investment.

Some 750 of the limited edition silver coin will be struck by the Royal Mint. The design is a contemporary version of the ancient tale by artist Christopher Le Brun. The other side of the coin features a modern portrait of the Queen. It has been approved by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to mark their eldest child's birthday.

This is the fourth coin struck in George's name: after coins to mark his birth, christening and first birthday. Earlier this month, his little sister Princess Charlotte also had a commemorative coin to mark her christening - in addition to the one made to mark her birth.

There will be plenty of people who enjoy collecting the coins. When a coin is very popular, it will also tend to sell out very quickly, so that those who want to resell them quickly may be able to make a profit. However, as an investment, commemorative coins are not a reliable option.

Most commemorative coins tend to be produced in their millions and sold at face value - and there are so many of them that there's no investment value to them at all.

The more limited editions, in precious metals, can make a return if they are held for long enough and sold at the right time. However, even these will often disappoint. A £5 memorial gold coin produced in 1999 as a memorial for Diana, Princess of Wales, for example, sold at the time for £1,745, but is now available for £1,000.

Experts say that the coins make great collector's items, to be enjoyed in their own right. However, there are far more reliable things to choose if you are looking for an investment.

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Prince George's birthday marked with new £5 coin

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