Switch your bank account to Halifax with just a photo

All you have to do is take a photo of your existing debit card on your smartphone, then upload the picture


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Halifax has launched a new bank switching service, which allows you to move account simply by taking a photograph.

According to the bank, all you have to do is take a photo of your existing debit card on your smartphone, then upload the picture. The debit card will have your existing bank details on there like account number and sort code, so you don't need to type the information into a form – it's all done automatically.

Halifax said that an increasing number of people are using their mobile phone or tablet to complete the bank switching process, so the launch of this 'snap to switch' tool would help make that process faster and easier.

Marc Lien, director of innovation and digital development at Halifax, said: "Our focus very much remains on continuing to make banking with us quick and simple, including providing easier ways for customers to switch to us. Exploring technology that will help deliver for our customers and enhance our overall capabilities is a real focus for us at the bank."

Should you switch?

Halifax has been one of the big winners since the seven-day Current Account Switching Service launched back in 2013, and it's not difficult to see why.

Not only does the bank pay £100 as a welcome bonus to new customers, but in the form of its Halifax Reward Account you have a bank account that offers a cracking return, even to people who tend to spend all of their money each month.

With the Reward Account, you get £5 cashback each month, whether you finish £1,000 in credit or £1. All you have to do is pay in £750, pay out two direct debits and stay in credit.

Halifax isn't the only bank to pay welcome bonuses to new customers, or cashback on a monthly basis though. Clydesdale Bank and Yorkshire Bank pay £150 to new customers when they open an account, while Santander's 123 account pays cashback of up to 3% on various direct debits.

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