Make the most of summer fruits

Make the most of summer berries with this traditional trifle combining Swiss roll, custard and cream with sweet strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. It's a showstopper for a summer party with family and friends.

Fancy something a bit lighter? Try the same fruits in a summer berry sorbet or pair strawberries and peaches in a refreshing homemade fruit ice lolly or some cherry almond ice cream. Want to start the day with something fruity? Why not make your own granola with summer fruit compote?

When it's seriously hot, it's time to turn to the freezer for help. This chilli melon sorbet with ham brings a touch of chilli heat to a cool and sophisticated starter or light lunch.

It's hard to improve on a fresh strawberry, but if you've bought berries and are disappointed with the flavour, try blending with watermelon for a super cooling drink.

Summer vegetables can also provide light tasty meal options for hot days. Tomatoes are the stars of this classic Nicoise salad and panzanella with chicken. Meanwhile refreshing watermelon brings a touch of the Mediterranean - especially when paired with creamy, salty feta cheese. If prawns and avocado are more to your taste, this salad combines the two with juicy mango.

Too hot to eat? Why not try a refreshing cold soup? Gazpacho is easy to make and adds a touch of the Mediterranean. If you have a glut of cherries, make them into an unusual sour cherry soup.

And if it's too hot to cook, you'll just have to turn to a drink to cool you down. The alcohol-free rehydrator should do the trick or maybe a fruit smoothie, but if all else fails, it's time to bring out the Long Island iced tea.

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