Honda recalls 4.5 million more vehicles as airbag saga rumbles on

Airbag sign on the steering wheel of the vehicle, close-up

Car manufacturers may have already recalled many millions of machines across the globe due to faulty Takata airbags, but Honda has just announced that it is recalling a further 4.5 million vehicles.
The announcement of this global recall has seen Honda shares plummet 0.6 per cent, as the long-running airbag scandal continues, and has now seen eight people die as a result of injuries caused by faulty components.

This latest recall sees the total number of Hondas recalled hit the 24.5 million mark worldwide, a figure that rises to more than 40 million when other manufacturers are taken into account. Consequently, airbag manufacturer Takata, which has been at the centre of the safety scandal, is now embroiled in the largest car recall in history, according to Sky News.

Last month Honda confirmed that a woman died in a 2001 Honda Civic after a faulty airbag ruptured, firing shrapnel at her and causing serious head and neck injuries in Los Angeles in September last year.

Despite the scale of the scandal, new Honda CEO Takahiro Hachigo, who took over last month, is reported to have said previously that he has no intention to help the airbag manufacturer to fund further recalls. This debacle, however, has already seen a £0.2 billion dent made in the Japanese car company's profit from the year just ended, which it first reported back in April.

Meanwhile, Takata is still facing lawsuits in the USA and Canada and has been slated for not supporting a US-wide recall of vehicles using its airbags. The company does expect to return to profit in the current financial year, however, though analysts say that the company has little contingency for any further expense incurred addressing airbag problems.
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