Low mileage 'Rambo Lambo' could be yours for £100k

Lamborghini LM002 up for auction

If you're looking for an ultra-rare, super-utilitarian off-roader with all the heritage of Italian hypercar crafters Lamborghini, but without the lack of practicality that comes with their supercars, then this LM002 being auctioned at Sotheby's could be the machine for you – although you'll need around £100k for the privilege.
Due to be auctioned on July 25, this Lamborghini four-wheel drive is one of only 301 ever produced and has just over 32,000 miles miles on the clock.

With a V12 engine sourced from the iconic Countach, the LM002 can reach 60mph in just 7.7 seconds, which, for a car weighing around 2.6 tonnes is no mean feat. Luckily there's a 76-gallon fuel tank, which could come in handy, as the LM002 drinks fuel, only managing 8mpg on a good run. It's not, therefore, a car for the economy-conscious.

Nicknamed the 'Rambo Lambo' due to its immense presence and aggressive styling, the LM002 was designed to be able to go anywhere in style and comfort. With 444bhp when new, it was also able to power through just about anything and signifies one of the first times a supercar maker made a foray into the off-roader market.

Luckily, this car comes with a recent service and four ultra-rare Pirelli Scorpion tyres, which is nice, as these could set you back thousands – per tyre. It also has the desirable early carburetted engine and independent front and rear suspension.

Originally used in both military and civilian applications, this LM002 would be a healthy addition to any supercar collection given its sheer scale and exclusivity, though given the price tag, you may have to sell one or two cars in order to finance the purchase – and fit the Lambo in the garage!

'Rambo Lambo' Lamborghini LM002 up for auction
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Low mileage 'Rambo Lambo' could be yours for £100k

Author: Jack Evans
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