EE selling 4G smartphone for less than £50

EE Rook

EE has launched the UK's cheapest ever 4G smartphone; costing less than £50 and running the newest version of Google's Android software.

Called The Rook, it will cost £49 - or £39 for existing EE customers, and the telecoms giant says the aim is to give more pay-as-you-go customers access to 4G - the fastest mobile data network currently in use.

The new smartphone comes with a four-inch screen and a five megapixel camera, and will be able to support the current version of Android; 5.1 Lollipop.

EE says the launch could potentially open the door to more than two million mobile phone users to access 4G for the first time.

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The mobile network's director of device Sharon Meadows said: "We believe everyone should have access to 4G and the experiences it offers on the go.

"The new Rook from EE provides a great 4G smartphone at a compelling price – allowing even more people to enjoy the benefits of our superfast mobile network, from high speed web browsing and downloads to gaming and streaming."

The firm added that the aim was to offer "premium experiences for more affordable prices", having already released the Harrier and Harrier mini smartphones this year - which were designed to give an alternative to the high-end devices on the market, including those from Apple and Samsung.

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Recent smartphone releases have seen manufacturers go to greater lengths to offer "luxury" devices, with more Apple products now coming in gold, while rival Samsung has moved to include more metal and glass in the body of their phones, as opposed to plastic.

Ben Wood, from technology industry analysts CCS Insight, said the price positioning of the Rook by EE represents a very good opportunity for consumers.

"It's an eye-wateringly low price," he said.

"It's taken the 4G market to somewhere we didn't expect for some time yet, and it's really interesting from that perspective."

Mr Wood added that, while some similar priced options were available from lesser known brands, the EE connection could make the new device more appealing to many.

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