Brazen crash-for-cash attempt caught on camera

Van Reverses Into Car to Claim Compensation

While dash cams have provided countless hours of entertainment for YouTube users looking for the greatest automotive fails, they've also proved to be crucial evidence-gatherers for victims of so-called crash-for-cash schemes.
Arising from the proliferation of legal firms offering no-win, no-fee crash compensation, such scams involve staging accidents with unsuspecting motorists in the hope of making money from spurious injury claims.

Without concrete evidence, many motorists are in no position to contest such scams, and are penalised through more expensive premiums due to claims made against them.

Thankfully, the driver in the above video had a dash cam fitted when a brazen scam artist casually crashes into his car.

First coming to a stop in the middle of a lane whilst trying to get someone to rear-end him, the van driver fails as the driver behind pulls up in time.

Then as the camera-equipped driver attempts to manoeuvre round the obstruction, he is stopped in his tracks and can do little but watch as the van driver reverses into his car, causing huge damage to the front end.

Thankfully, with the entire incident caught on film it's unlikely that the scammer's ploy was successful. Would you be as well protected if the same thing happened to you?
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