More sunshine due after rainy days

UK hot weather
UK hot weather

The UK is set for more balmy July weather but not before an unsettled few days of showers.

The spectacular lightning and thunderstorms that lit up the night sky across much of the country on Friday night have moved north to Scotland, leaving dry and sunny weather in its wake.

But today heavy and frequent showers will return for much of the country but will be at their worst in the north and west of England and Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Temperatures will drop to the lowest the country has seen since the recent heatwave arrived, hovering around 20C.

While some will be glad for a break from the sun and some water for the garden, sun-seekers will only need to wait a few days until the heat returns.

MeteroGroup forecaster John Lee said temperatures will begin to climb again from Wednesday.

"Generally, it's going to be quite unsettled on Sunday and the first part of the week.

"By Wednesday it will start to settle down and the sunshine will come out.

"It certainly won't be the 37 degree highs that we had last week but I think that is a relief to most people.

"We could start to see temperatures reaching 29 degrees though by the end of the week."

The highest temperature in the recent heatwave was recorded on Wednesday at 36.7C (98.1F) at Heathrow, breaking the record for a July day, while many other places broke the 30C (86F) mark.

While many bathed in the rare temperatures, others endured struggling train services and heavy traffic as road and train track surfaces began to melt in the heat.

Crowded Beach During Summer Heatwave in Brighton, UK
Crowded Beach During Summer Heatwave in Brighton, UK