Manta ray gives photographer a friendly hug (video)

Beautiful video shows manta swimming towards camera with outstretched tentacles

A Manta Comes in for a Hug
Manta ray envelopes photographer in friendly hug
This beautiful film shows a manta ray swimming near the Revillagigedo Islands in the Pacific Ocean.

Frankie Grant, a young photographer, biologist and scuba diver got lucky enough to film the beautiful marine animal when he saw it snaking through the water towards him - and then appearing to envelop him in what appears to be a hug.

According to the Manta Trust there are 11 species of the plankton-eating rays.

Mantas are close relatives of sharks and rays. They have to keep moving to keep water flowing over the gills to provide their oxygen.

Thanks to their size, manta rays are very rarely seen in zoos or aquariums. The animals can measure up to 25 feet while weighing around 1.4 tonnes.

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