Immigrant bursts out of camper van wardrobe - holidaymakers shocked

Immigrant bursts out of camper van wardrobe - holidaymakers shocked

A British couple were left terrified when an illegal immigrant burst out of the wardrobe in their camper van.

Christine Seward, 75, and her husband Geoffrey, 86, had just got off the ferry in Plymouth on their way home to Devon from a holiday in France when they heard a noise from the back of the van.

Believing she had forgotten to shut a door properly, Christine went to investigate, and was confronted with a man emerging from the wardrobe.

Immigrant bursts out of camper van wardrobe - holidaymakers shocked

Christine said she tried to stop the stowaway from leaving but he barged past her.

She then called the police, but so far the man has not been traced, reports the Mirror.

Christine believes the stowaway jumped on board as they were getting off the ferry and were securing the car they were towing.

Speaking to the Plymouth Herald, Christine said: "It was so scary. I said to him 'I will call the police'.

"He said 'no police, no money'.

Plymouth Ferry Port: An Aerial View

"With a bit of a push and shove, I managed to stop him getting out of the side door, but he pushed a bit harder and got out through the cab door and started running.

"When I called the police I could hardly speak on the phone I was so shocked. We shook for about an hour.

"We are just very fortunate that he didn't steal any belongings or passports or money."

However, Christine said the couple were sympathetic towards the man's plight.

According to the Daily Mail, she added: "We both really felt for this guy. He had nothing on him apart from the clothes on his back.

"So many of these immigrants are coming in, and you feel terribly sorry for them, but they have to come through the right channels."

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Immigrant bursts out of camper van wardrobe - holidaymakers shocked

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