How you can earn extra money alongside your job

Five suggestions for those looking to make a little extra cash

Employed but Not Rich Enough? 5 Tips for More Money
How to earn extra money alongside your job
Do you have a full time job but feel like you're not being paid enough? Even if you're working full time there are still plenty of opportunities on offer for those looking to make a little extra cash.

Take a look at the suggestions below to see what might work for you:

1. Bake for local restaurants

Are you handy in the kitchen? It might be another way of adding to your current income. If you know of any local, independent restaurants who have homemade desserts, why not offer your services. Even if you just sell two or three a week you'll be increasing your cash with not too much effort.

2. Tutoring

Do you have a skill that others need? Tutoring is a great way to earn a little on the side and it can be a lucrative use of your time. If you are fluent in another language it can be especially useful with some tutors making as much as £25 an hour.

3. Computer repair

You may think that everyone has computer skills these days, but not everyone knows how to repair their technology. If you do this could be your way to adding to your savings. If you can offer your services helping people mend their machines you could make over £300 per computer.

4. Writing

Now this one may be a little more difficult and time consuming but believe it or not, people will actually pay you to write for them. It's not quite as easy to come by as the other suggestions on the list but if you know where to look you could be in luck. Websites like Craigslist, Fiverr, Peopleperhour, Elance and Upwork are all good places to check.

5. Rent out spare room

With more and more people shying away from the hotel industry in favour of renting apartments and houses while on holiday, there's the option to make a little extra money by renting out your spare room. Websites like Airbnb are the perfect place to research, but do bear in mine that you will have to host your guests while they're staying with you so don't forget the clean sheets!

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