Tourists left terrified when great white shark attacks cage (video)

Great White Sharks Attacks Metal Cage
Tourists left terrified when great white shark attacks cage
While shark cage diving in South Africa, these divers got a bit more than they expected when an 11.5-foot great white shark attacked their protective cage.

In terrifying scenes, the shark then tries to rip the buoys and protective barriers to shreds.

Those inside the cage can be heard screaming in fear as the beast's razor sharp teeth poke through the bars of the cage.

Shark cage diving is a popular activity with adrenaline junkies visiting South Africa. These incredibly strong cages are used to view sharks up close. The cages are most commonly used to view great whites and bull sharks.

There has been some dispute over the safety of shark cage diving with some commentators suggesting that the shark baiting method of bringing the animals closer provokes them to attack the cages.

Andrew Evans of National Geographic says: "Sharks are, by nature, timid animals. Any diver who's spent any significant time in the water with sharks (without a cage), knows that they are inquisitive, but cautious creatures who will disappear at the sight of humans."

It has been reported that a man in his 60s was attacked by a shark off the coast of North Carolina yesterday (Wednesday).

The man was pulled under the water and was bitten in his chest, hip, legs and hands, CNN reports.

Carolina has seen 10 such shark attacks in the last year including two children who lost arms in their attacks.

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Tourists left terrified when great white shark attacks cage (video)

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