Get ready for the British Grand Prix

Canadian F1 Grand Prix
Canadian F1 Grand Prix

Taking place from 3 to 5 July this year, the British Grand Prix is the highlight of the UK motorsport calendar for many fans. And with reigning Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes currently leading the drivers' standing* and the favourite to retain his crown, expectation is sure to be high among home fans.

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So where is it happening?
No prizes for guessing that this year's event is to be held at the Silverstone racing circuit in Northamptonshire, where it has taken place every year since 1987 – and is set to continue until at least 2026.

Is it just Formula 1?
No, the weekend will also see a couple of support acts in the form of the GP2 and GP3 feeder series and the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup. GP2 and GP3 sees drivers racing single-seat, open-wheel cars with identical chassis, engines and tyres – to create a level playing field and stabilise costs while making sure driver ability shines through. The Porsche series takes a similar approach, but with 911 GT3 Cup type 997 sportscars instead of pure racing cars. And there are a selection of musical guests booked to entertain fans into the evening – including Deacon Blue, Shola Ama, Starsailor and Nik Kershaw.

What happens over the three days?
Friday is practice day and sees the teams getting to grips with the circuit, testing their cars and tyres and giving the drivers a chance to get their lines dialled for the next two days. Practice and qualification for the GP2 race also takes place, with the GP3 and Porsche racers also out for practice late in the day.

Saturday is qualification day for the main event – where teams attempt to clinch pole position by putting in the fastest flying lap of the circuit. The action here can sometimes be even more nail-biting than the actual race. GP3 and Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup competitors also have qualification on the Saturday – with the day's on-track action closing with race one of both the GP2 and GP3 series.
Sunday sees the second race for GP2 and GP3 before the Porsche race – then there's a procession and track parade for the Formula 1 teams and the main event gets under starter's orders after lunch.

How much does it cost to go in person?
Tickets appear to range in price from £67 for a Friday ticket to £299 for general admission over the whole weekend. Children under 16 get cheaper admission – while kids under 10 go free, but still need a ticket. There were still tickets on sale at the time of writing – and the Silverstone website has an interactive sales page which allows you to select seating and view availability on a map.

%VIRTUAL-AFCSponserAds%And if I can't make it along?
The BBC and Sky Sports will both be covering the race, so you'll have a choice of Ben Edwards or David Croft as lead commentators (assuming you have access to Sky).

* Correct at the time of writing

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