'Extreme Weight Loss' couple lose more than just pounds

Slim hopes for marriage

'Extreme Weight Loss:' Couple Loses Weight ... and Their Love
Most couples try and lose some weight before the big day - but for one engaged pair, shedding pounds was the beginning of the end to their wedding plans.

The newest couple on US TV show 'Extreme Weight Loss' lost more than 320 pounds (23 stones) combined. But, unfortunately, they also lost their love in the process.

On Tuesday's episode of the weight-watchers show, personal trainers Chris and Heidi aimed to help overweight couple Shane and Marissa slim down before they tied the knot.

But excess body fat wasn't the only thing they lost in the process.

"I've figured out who I am, and I just don't know ... if that includes you in my future," Marissa said on the show.

"Well, I mean, that's ... pretty brutal," Shane replied.

Ouch. Pretty brutal is an understatement. Especially since Shane and Marissa had just spent three months apart during the solo phase of their six-month weight loss journey.

New slim look

Combined, the two lost more than 320 pounds in the six months that were supposed to precede their wedding.

All things considered, Shane took the split pretty well. "There's nothing for you to be that sorry about. It's a part of life. It'll be okay," Shane said.

At least Shane made Extreme Weight Loss history. He lost 242 pounds (17 stones) , the most dramatic transformation the show has ever seen.

Plus with his slim new look, he should be able to find a new partner in no time.