Dangerous undertaking manoeuvre caught on camera

Dangerous driving

The moment a Nissan Micra driver impatiently attempted to get around a motorcyclist by undertaking on the pavement has been caught on camera.
Biker Mike Binks, 50, had installed a rear-facing camera after continually being harassed by motorists who took exception to him abiding by 20mph speed limits on his commute to work.

He's built up quite a collection of reckless driving behaviour footage, but the clip below is by far the most shocking, as it shows the Micra driver close in on the rear of the bike, before indicating towards the nearside. The driver then quickly puts two wheels up on the kerb and builds speed, but decides against it, only to attempt to pass on the other side.

Eventually (or rather quickly, in fact) the driver's patience snaps and they once again take to the pavement, this time forcing their way through.

Even worse, the reckless motorist brandishes their mobile phone to take a photo of the biker who's dared to obstruct their path.

Mr Binks has since forwarded the footage to police, Manchester Evening News reports. Check out the gob-smacking example of how not to drive below.

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