Hampshire road workers can't tell left from right

Erroneous road sign

Workmen in the Hampshire town of Gosport have come under fire after painting a 'Look Left' sign at a road crossing where cars approach from the right.
It has been painted on a two-way street outside a newly completed supermarket in the coastal town.

The mistake was spotted by local resident Maggie Bage, who photographed the sign from her living room.

Speaking to the Portsmouth News, she said: "I was being nosey and looked out of my window to see how the new supermarket was looking and noticed the mistake straight away.

"I thought 'Look Left?' - that can't be right'.

"It was potentially quite dangerous as somebody's child could have read it and not looked right and could have been hit by a car."

The 56-year-old shop worker added: "The mistake could have easily led to an accident.

"There has been a mixed reaction to their mistake. Some people have taken the mickey, while others are shocked someone could make the mistake."

A Hampshire County Council spokeswoman said: "The road markings were applied on Saturday and, as this is a two-way street, we can confirm this was a mistake by the contractor working for the developer.

"The markings are being temporarily blacked out today pending permanent removal at a later date."

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