Bits of Buckingham Palace keep falling off - Queen might need to move out

london   buckingham palace and...
london buckingham palace and...

Buckingham Palace hasn't been redecorated in over 60 years but it looks like it may be in line for an update soon.

Reports are claiming that the Queen and the royal family will have to move out of their official London residence while the "mammoth task" of renovating the palace is underway.

If the family are forced to leave the palace, it will be the first time a monarch has done so Queen Victoria declared it an official residence in 1837, the Daily Mail reports.

Former Royal Press Secretary Dickie Arbiter spoke to the BBC about the issue, saying: "It's a mammoth task, bits of the building keep falling off. The boilers haven't been changed in 60 years which means that the energy costs are soaring. It hasn't had a rewiring or plumbing job done to it in over 60 years."

Mr Arbiter also discussed how under the rules of the Civil List there wasn't much money available for maintenance of the royal residences. The royal family are also responsible for St James's Palace, Windsor Castle and Kensington Palace.

The palace also contains a lot of asbestos that still needs to be removed. The toxic substance was used in buildings from the 1950s until the late Nineties. According to Take 5 and Stay Alive it still remains in many houses today and if disturbed it can prove fatal.

According to Mr Arbiter, the most likely destination for the family will be Windsor Castle which is just 25 miles down the road from Buckingham Palace.

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