Video: Speeding driver celebrates prematurely

Speeding driver

A driver who was filmed doing a celebratory dance in his car after erroneously thinking he'd manage to avoid a speed camera van has been fined £1,000.
Plymouth local Jerry Weeks was caught speeding at 46mph in a 30mph zone by a roadside camera van.

He mistakenly thought he'd slowed down in time not to be caught, and was filmed doing the dance, with his hands off the steering wheel, as he drove past police in his black Honda Civic.

However, he wasn't quick enough on the brakes to prevent a Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) finding its way to the vehicle's owner, who identified Weeks as the driver.

However, as the registered keeper mis-spelt Weeks' first name as 'Jessy', he refused to acknowledge the NIP, until police handed over in person one with correct details, which he did not return.

In court, Weeks admitted to being the driver of the car but denied speeding. He also questioned the accuracy of the speed detection equipment used and the competency of its operator.

He also refused to give Magistrates his income details for the purposes of a means-tested fine. Instead he told them "Go on, do your worst," the Plymouth Herald reports.

In total, Weeks was ordered to pay £1,750 and was given ten penalty points. You can watch footage of his premature celebration below.

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