Cereal-eating driver spoken to by police

Cereal-eating driver

A motorist who was confronted by a cyclist after being spotted eating a bowl of cereal at the wheel has been spoken to by police.
Police confirmed that a 51-year-old woman had "voluntarily attended" Staines police station and was interviewed by traffic officers over the incident, reports getsurrey.co.uk.

The woman was filmed by cyclist David Williams eating from a bowl as she sat in a Land Rover Discovery and negotiated heavy rush-hour traffic in Hampton Court.

In the video, a shocked Mr Williams can be heard telling the woman to put the bowl down. "I've got your number. Absolutely ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous – you're a bloody danger," he shouts.

Police issued the hungry driver with a Driver Referral Notice for driving while not in proper control of a motor vehicle.

The force's traffic unit will now review the case and decide whether any further action needs taking. The woman could be issued with a fine and penalty points or be ordered to attend a driver awareness course.

Commenting on the outcome, Mr Williams said: "Maybe all the publicity and going on a course will teach her a bigger lesson than anonymously paying a £50 fine and getting three points.

"At least now one driver, and perhaps some other people, will realise that behaviour like this is unacceptable."
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